Industrial Assessment Center at SFSU

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Who We Are

The Industrial Assessment Center at San Francisco State University (IAC-SFSU), sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, has two objectives:

  1. Help manufacturers increase productivity through energy efficiency and waste reduction.
  2. Facilitate the creation of the next generation of energy engineers.

Our team of faculty and student engineers provides no-cost energy, productivity and waste assessments to small- and medium-scale industrial facilities. Our center has conducted assessments at over 500 manufacturing and wastewater treatment facilities. We have recommended thousands of measures for energy efficiency, waste reduction, productivity improvement and renewable energy.  Thus far, our recommendations have shown an average potential savings of 13% of our clients’ annual energy bills.

Recent assessments include clients from the following industries: winemaking, baked goods, paper products, metal fabrication, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, adhesives, polymers, sensors and magnetometers, motor vehicle steering and suspension, asphalt, precision machining, leather products, almond processing, dairy and creamery products, HVAC equipment manufacturing and wastewater treatment plants.

 Map of all 28 IAC locations in the US.